Im back!

This is being posted courtesy of during my first game back in the lineup…

Everything feels great, 100 percent. It’s great to be back. No pain, no soreness. That’s the most important thing.

We played it safe with the injury. We waited and it was worth it. I’m just happy to be back with the team.

While on my rehab stint at Montgomery, I was finding my timing, taking one strike or two strikes an at-bat just so I could get that feeling back. Timing and everything. It went pretty good.

When I was down there, I had deja vu about what it was like to be in the Minors. That made me work even harder to get here.

It was also a chance to spend time with players on that team and talk to them. Some of them asked and I’d tell them what I went through to get here. And that’s understandable.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from the fans on my MLBlog here, and I appreciate every single one of them. Until next time . . .


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    that’s the greatest new of my day, it’s really nice to know that ur ok now so keep urself playing good just as u know and dont forget ur #1 fan from cd.juarez.chih. Claudia.. kisses


    YES! FINALLY ALL my boys are back “on the grass” and I could not be happier!
    With you there last night – I actually watched/recorded the WHOLE beaslty game. Ansd I just read that now Rocco will be back tonight – so LIFE IS VERY GOOD! August cannot come quick enough for me! We are looking so forward to seeing you (oh yeah and the others) then 🙂

    The new pups will be arriving soon – I am always hopeful this time of year. From the basement looking WAY up to see YOU where you belong – the view is getting to be so good!


    Your photographer friend – Sammi



    Glad to see you are 100%, I’m 100% happy to see you back. You the man Cantu!



    I watched the game last night and was really happy to see you back! I’m an Angels’ fan but I am also a fan of certain players whom I enjoy watch play the game and keep a great attitude about it. You are on the top of that list! Welcome back and I wish you great success. I’ll be watching.



    glad too see that you are back and healthy, good luck to you, and the rest of the rays


    Qué pasó mi querido George? Es un gustazo ver que ya regresaste y que todo está bien. Sabemos que te va a ir muy bien y no olvides que desde México, incluyendo el DF, te vamos a estar apoyando… Un saludo señor…

    Miguel Boada

    Editor beisbol periódico LA AFICIÓN

  7. John

    The best part of MLBlogs is that whether you are a player, fan or journalist it gives you a place to share your thoughts and opinions on not only baseball but just about anything you want to share. The number of people and the places they come from is amazing to see each day! I recently had visitors to my MlBlog from Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, England, Taiwan and several other countries as well as almost all of the 50 states.


    Check out my MLBlog at

  8. Diane

    Its been suggested (by Mark Newman over on the Blogosphere) that you might be wanting to change the name of your blog.

    If so, I suggest “Cantu Attitude”


    Batting .338 Congrats. 3-4 and then 4-5. U R ON FIRE. EN FUEGO. Btw Mexico is gonna win the world cup!!!


    Felicidades que estás de regreso. En la Liga Olmeca de baseball desde México D.F. hemos estado al pendiente y nos dá mucho gusto y emoción verte de nuevo en la Gran Carpa.

    Recuerdas cuando nos visitaste para filmar el Programa de T.V de Adal Ramones en Marzo pasado?.

    En aquella visita te extendimos una cordial invitación para venir a nuestra ceremonia de Inauguración a “tirar la primera bola”. Por este medio te la reiteramos. La estamos pensando para algún fin de semana de Diciembre de 2006 ó Enero de 2007, lo que te resulte más conveviente.

    Esta misma semana intentaremos entrar en contacto contigo para saber cuál es tu opinión, ok?

    Felicidades otra vez!!

    Armando Valle Levinsón

    Vice-Presidente Ejecutivo

    Liga Olmeca A.C.

    México, D.F.


    Es un gran gusto verte de nuevo en acción. Y además regresaste realmente encendido. El line-up de Tampa Bay es otro contigo y con Rocco Baldelli ahí. En casa estamos contando los días para estar en el Tropicana Field, ya que, como te comenté antes, Dios mediante, estaremos por ahí para ver los 3 juegos de la Serie contra los Yankees. Quisiera preguntarte algo. Para el juego del Domingo 9 de Julio tengo tickets de la parte de abajo, muy cerca del bullpen de los Yankees. Si quiero poder obtener algunos autógrafos de ustedes y de los Yankees, cuánto tiempo antes del juego me aconsejas llegar? Ojalá me puedas contestar esta pregunta, ya que es muy importante saberlo para nosotros. Saludos y un gran abrazo desde Mérida, Yucatán

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