Two weeks in


What’s been going on since the World Baseball Classic

Just pretty much been getting my mindset for the season. I got off to a little slow start and then I had the foot injury. My mind was really focusing on the foot getting better. But right now everything is feeling all right. I just want to have that feeling of having the same season as last year, putting it together the same or better. At least one point better than last year. That’s pretty much it. Make sure my mind is straight for the season.

Off to a good start

It’s very exciting. We’re putting everything together. Everybody is doing what they’re supposed to do. And we’re having a lot of fun. Our offense, our defense, our pitching. Everything is going well. We’ve got a tremendous group here, it’s going to be something special.

Red Sox, Yankees and Texas coming up

It will be a tough road trip, but we’re going to try and get the best of them. We’re going to go out there and actually just play the way we’ve been playing since the beginning of the season. Don’t back off. Play hard, pitch hard, swing hard. And whatever the results are we’re going to be satisfied because everybody wants to win here.

Fans stay in touch, because I’ll be in touch with you about your comments and questions. Keep posting comments. I’ll try to reply back all I can.



    Q-vole Jorge,
    I have read many articles where it is believed that players that participated in the WBC are struggling.Pitchers such as Santana, Colon, Loaiza, and Perez are not having quality starts. Do you feel that by participating in the WBC it has impacted you also?



    Hey Jorge!

    Did Seth give you your 2005 highlight game DVD’s yet? If not, ASK HIM FOR THEM!

    I am so happy to see you back at second base! BTW – you all finally got me with a foul ball off the tip of my right foot back in Spring Training – but I still got the photo I was after – so no harm! BUT I sure can sympathize with you – it hurt like the dickens for two weeks and a broken toe is no fun!

    Take care of you, have fun and just keep playing like you always have! You are NO FLASH IN THE PAN – YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL! You ALWAYS have been! :-p

    Photographer Sammi


    Hello Jorge,
    just to let you know we are following all your news and status here in Reynosa, expecting your prompt level recovery and future potential increase, “just work hard and think in God”.

    Best regards,

    Mario’s Couch.


    Hey Jorge,
    I really think that you and the team are doing great. show boston, texas, and new york why the devil rays aren’t pushovers anymore. and hurry up with this road stretch its too long i know its been 2 days but im having withdrawls from the stadium and all the excitement. it was good to finally see 20,002 in the stadium saturday. dont u think so. i know i’ve been going to the games since 98, and i just love them and the team. And I had to go out and support you and get a Cantu Mexico jersey. that jersey is so awesome, and you guys are doing great keep up the good work.

    Justin Sage


    What a game last night (Tuesday)! It really is a game of inches. Glad to see you back in the lineup. My wife and I are really enjoying the season so far. Give ’em **** on this road trip.

  6. Bud

    Just want to say you are a great ball player! Keep up the good work! As a diehard Cardinal Fan I would welcome you to our team ANYTIME


    Hola Jorge. Aquí de nuevo tu tocayo de Yucatán. Como siempre, reiterarte lo orgullosos que estamos de tí en todo nuestro país. Afortunadamente ya saliste de la lesión y ya vas tomando tu paso. Quisiera aprovechar la ocasión para preguntarte algo. Como te había escrito antes, si Dios quiere estaré en el Tropicana Field con mi familia durante los tres juegos de la serie ante los Yankees del 7 al 9 de Julio. Ya he comprado mis entradas a través de ticketmaster. Ellos me mandaron un mail con el número de confirmación y ahí me dicen que los tickets los recogeré en el Will Call window. Lo que necesito saber es en qué parte del Tropicana Field está ubicada esta ventana y con cuánto tiempo de anticipación al juego debo recoger los tickets. También si el Viernes 7 puedo recoger los de los 3 juegos o tengo que ir a esa ventana en cada juego. Ojalá Jorge tengas tiempo para poderme responder. O ver que me manden un correo de la oficina de los Devil Rays solucionando mis dudas. De antemano te lo agradezco en m i nombre y de mi familia.


    Hey Jorge, off to another great year it seems. Between last season and the Classic it looks like your turning into the great player that us Rays fans were hoping for. Now if you could just go and tell the rest of the guys to stop hurting themselves the Rays could really start causing trouble for the rest of the league. You’re already making it tough on the Red Sox and I bet Papelbon is going to have nightmares at the thought of facing you guys again. You just keep up the good work and remember that your making us Rays fans and the people back home in Mexico proud everytime you go out there.


    Hey Jorge,

    I’m one of your fans for a very long time, I know y’ since y’were on minor league and had the feeling you will become on of the greatest players on TB team. We are proud of you and the guys please keep working hard, your fans still supporting the rays on “Las buenas y las malas”.

    I know the Red S. are tuff but they also have a weak side find it and give them a hard time lol…

    Una amiga,




    Hello Jorge.

    Your progression this season along with the D-Rays is also being closely watched over here in the UK with the English Tampa fans! It’s good to see the Tampa offense hitting the ground running and i’m sure that you will drive in the runs that will continue the success, so keep it up! What do you see as being the biggest positive in the Tampa play so far this season?

    All the best,

    Mark Elliott


    great game today(the 5-1 game), Jorge

    did you say anything to Ty Wigginton after today’s game? lol


    Hello jorge,i just wanted to let you know that im a big fan of yours and i follow your games as much as possible. Ilove to watch you play and will be at the games against Texas to cheer for you and the other Rays. a true fan, karen narvaez


    Fan From KOREA!!

    I’m a big fan of D-Rays.

    Although it is hard to watch you in the live game here, I always root for you and the whole D-Rays organization.

    You’ll be a great great player, I give my word for it.



    Saludos Jorge, te seguimos en Reynosa, y siempre estamos
    al pendiente, animo!!

    soy tambien de la TK


    Echale ganas como siempre!!


    Hey Jorge!

    I am writing from Texas. I was very fortunate to make it out to the first 2 of the 3 games against the Rangers. Tough losses, but boy was it fun watchin’ you play. I enjoy watching you play the game so well! I look up to you in so many ways and I appreciate what you do for the game! Keep up the great work and good luck with the rest of the road trip!



    hey Jorge,i was at the game on Sunday against Texas.Sorry about the lose but it was nice getting to see you play.I was very lucky to get your autograph(thanks to your little cousin).well hope you stomp all over the yankees.Pleaseemail me when you get the time,i know how busy you,karen narvaez


    Hey Jorge,
    It’s your cousin and your tocallo from Houston, George. Just wanted to say it was awesome seeing you guys play all three games against the Rangers. Keep up the good work and hopefully I’ll get to see you when I go to Tampa next month.

    – George C.


    Although I am a Yankee fan I wish you luck in the upcoming series. Just don’t torture the Yankees as much as you guys did last year! Anyways, it was a good start for your team and i wish you the best of luck for the rest of the year!


    hey jorge i am as you might know a huge fan of yours.i play baseball too but i am not sooooo fact i am at the bottom of the lineup .i have speed but no power can you email me?


    Hey Jorge,

    Some knucklehead just dropped you in our fantasy league. I have the top waiver pick and i want to use it on you. Gonna be back soon? hope rhab is going smooth.

    OB from Boston.

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