An injury update

Cantufoot_1My foot is getting better every day. It’s a real deep bone bruise, but I’m going to be out there giving 100 percent. It hurts, because it’s a really big bruise and it’s going to take a while to heal. The time frame they said was four to six weeks. But when I’m out there I try not to think about it. I give it all out there.

The foot doesn’t really hurt wearing street shoes. To do normal activities, not really. But when I put my spikes on, push it a little bit, rounding the bases a little bit, turning on the inside pitch, a little bit, that little stuff. But I have to overcome it. I have to stay positive and go out and try to win every day.

Every day I have treatment. In the morning, which I do personally, I have a little ultrasound thing. Everything is just coming around. It’s not getting worse, it’s not getting better.

I can manage the pain. It’s just mental. I try not to think about it.

Past success against Yankees

It feels good. They have a great lineup, a great pitching staff, too. But we’re not playing bad at all. We played well against them last year, and now we have to start over again; not take anything for granted; one out at a time. Our pitchers feel the same way, and our batters are just doing their jobs.

Everybody on this team I think is just ready to take anybody on. Our great coaching staff is doing a tremendous job with us. Keeping us staying positive and moving forward. No matter who is out there we do our best.

Right now it’s not about records, it’s April, still.

Hoping for a big home crowd on our return


That would be so nice. I really think that we need to win to have these big crowds back in Tampa. And I really want to know that our people back home are really following us right now. And if they can pack it every day, that will mean special stuff for us. Makes us more hungry to go out there and bust our butts every day. Give it all we got. I think with those crowds, everybody is going to be excited to play.


  1. Carl

    Hey Jorge, noticed you needed a day off today. That’s good, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Forget about power if your foot hurts when you turn on it, just spray it around. Think of Tony Gwynn and Rod Carew. Maybe the foot bruise can be a blessing to work on other parts of hitting. If you want inspiration, check out video of Barry Bonds the other night against the Mets, talk about dealing with the pain? He went yard going the other way on Trachsel and limped his way all the way around the bases. Fact is, you are a good hitter, just be aware not to overcompensate because of the foot. How about wearing an unspiked sneaker, is that allowed or against the rules?

  2. Rachel

    I’ll leave the batting tips to others, but I will say I recommend looking to Barry Bonds for “inspiration.” I don’t get to see you play often, Jorge, but I hope your foot starts to feel better. I’m sure focusing on playing Major League Baseball is hard enough without having to deal with the mental and physical sides of being hurt. I have a feeling you’ll do just fine! I enjoy all your posts so keep them coming.

  3. Kellia


    You are giving it treatment and it’s not getting worse and it’s not getting better. Sounds like it needs to rest. Please rest it at every possibility. i.e. staying off your feet as much as possible when you don’t have to be on the field.

    Good Luck.


  4. John


    Like all Rays fans I’m hoping that you (and all the other guys who have been hurt early this year) are back to full fitness really soon.

    But don’t rush it hey?! We can’t afford to be without you for too long.

    Keep up the good work – and we all really appreciate you playing on through the pain.


  5. Arielle

    Buenos dias, Jorge.
    I sure hope your bone bruise starts feeling better even though it won’t be fully healed for a while. Beat up on those Yankees for us Red Sox fans, okay? And sorry, I really can’t root for you guys when you play the Sox later this week, but in the other 143 games you guys play, I hope you do really well.



    I thought you might have a fracture,sorry about the news. So, put your foot up and and continue to support your buddies. Soon,you will be back to being the “RBI King!”


    jorge,i just heard you had a fracture.ihate to hear and your bat will be missed.take care of yourself.i have faiththat when you come back off the DL your game will be even better than last season.God Bless You,karen narvaez


    Hopefully in a few weeks the foot will be fine and you can come back to still lead the league in RBI! Hope you get better soon,


    Primero que nada saludarte y desearte una pronta recuperacion de tu fractura ojala y pronto vuelvas a jugar y desearte la mejor de las suertes en esta temporada que apenas comienza ….Saludos desde Reynosa

    Mario Puente


    hola jorge
    soy de cd juarez chih. y aprovecho este espacio que tienes para decearte que te recuperes pronto para que salgas al campo a hacer lo tuyo que por cierto lo haces muy bien te he visto jugar y puedo decir que eres un excelente jugador, soñaba con decirte esto en persona ya que viaje al juego contra USA en anaheim, el pasado mundial y esperaba que de alguna manera pudiera hablar contigo y tomarme una foto contigo no lo logre and thats the reason why im doing this so tendre que conformarme…echale muchas ganas y recuperate eres el mejor y ahora ya sabes que en cd juarez tienes a tu fan#1 te mando muchos saludos, besos y abrasos.

    Claudia C.

  11. dave

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankes win a night game. See a pic of Damons slide, vote for Jeter to be MVP, and even play a game or look at the photo albums…….
    Come Join The Madness….

    p.s. hope the foot gets better. your one **** of a player mate..


    Hola Jorge,

    Espero de todo corazón que su lesión desaparezca pronto y que pueda continuar con su campaña, porque creame Devil Rays no son lo mismo sin usted.

    Con respecto a su tiempo fuera, tome las cosas lo más positivamente posible, piense que al menos tiene un tiempo para hacer una evaluación en introspectiva de lo que es su carrera y corregir todas esas áreas de oportunidad; además puede ver los juegos con mucha mas calma, no cree????, en fin espero en Dios que pronto salga de esto y estoy segura que tendrá una mejor campaña que la anterior…bendiciones y cuídese mucho.



    just wanted to say thankyou for throwing out the first pitch at our baseball game(texas pan-american) against oklahoma feb.3rd..i know the guys really appreciated it and look up to you..keep playing hard


    A month into the season and it looks like the Rays are running out of players. It’s pretty cool though that Cantu can play ball on a broken foot and some guys take a month off for a stubbed toe. You just get back to the team when your healthy and don’t rush it. Maybe you can take over the scouting duty from Rocco now that he’s going to be rehabing. We’ll keep cheering you on whether your on the field or in the dugout.


    hey jorge,Just found the all star ballot on votedfor you the maximum times.If anyone deserves to go to the all star game it is you.You are the defintion of what an all star should be.So everyone that reads this please vote for our all star Jorge Cantu.Take Care,Karen Narvaez


    I’m sorry to hear about your non-displaced fracture. I can’t believe you played for a week on a broken foot! And well!

    I wish you a speedy (and complete) recovery. The Rays are playing well desipte their many injuries. By all rights the Rays should own the division when Lugo, Huff, Baldelli, and of course Jorge Cantu return from injury!

    Go Rays!



    cantu u are the man baby, i sure hope that u can fully recover from your injury, also there are some d rays fans in wisconsin, we love all u guys here especially u and CC and gathrights speed and also damon hollins working his butt off


    Mr. C

    I had a few bone bruises and it hurt for almost a year each time. Too bad us common folk can’t get that treatment at home.

    You need that foot to heal because I remember you hitting quite a few doubles last season. You won’t get too many doubles hobbling around the bases or you could just keep trying to hit HRs so you can walk around the bases.

    Anyhow, good luck in your next AB and tell Gathright to stop looking like a whiner when he called on strikes. They don’t cut to commercials when you stike out they follow the batter most times. Just a tip to pass along. Last thing, tell Hall his rap music last season just doens’t go, he needs some country music. Or maybe he can get a big tatoo on his throwing arm of some tribal flames, then maybe the Rap music will fit.

    Peace and good job in the International games. Oh yeah, how the heck can you even see with you helmet so low.


    awh jorge i am so sorry you got hurt!!i wish you the best of luck getting better and i cant wait to see you play again!!!love ya!! future msr.cantu… aka megan

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