April 2006

An injury update

Cantufoot_1My foot is getting better every day. It’s a real deep bone bruise, but I’m going to be out there giving 100 percent. It hurts, because it’s a really big bruise and it’s going to take a while to heal. The time frame they said was four to six weeks. But when I’m out there I try not to think about it. I give it all out there.

The foot doesn’t really hurt wearing street shoes. To do normal activities, not really. But when I put my spikes on, push it a little bit, rounding the bases a little bit, turning on the inside pitch, a little bit, that little stuff. But I have to overcome it. I have to stay positive and go out and try to win every day.

Every day I have treatment. In the morning, which I do personally, I have a little ultrasound thing. Everything is just coming around. It’s not getting worse, it’s not getting better.

I can manage the pain. It’s just mental. I try not to think about it.

Past success against Yankees

It feels good. They have a great lineup, a great pitching staff, too. But we’re not playing bad at all. We played well against them last year, and now we have to start over again; not take anything for granted; one out at a time. Our pitchers feel the same way, and our batters are just doing their jobs.

Everybody on this team I think is just ready to take anybody on. Our great coaching staff is doing a tremendous job with us. Keeping us staying positive and moving forward. No matter who is out there we do our best.

Right now it’s not about records, it’s April, still.

Hoping for a big home crowd on our return


That would be so nice. I really think that we need to win to have these big crowds back in Tampa. And I really want to know that our people back home are really following us right now. And if they can pack it every day, that will mean special stuff for us. Makes us more hungry to go out there and bust our butts every day. Give it all we got. I think with those crowds, everybody is going to be excited to play.

Two weeks in


What’s been going on since the World Baseball Classic

Just pretty much been getting my mindset for the season. I got off to a little slow start and then I had the foot injury. My mind was really focusing on the foot getting better. But right now everything is feeling all right. I just want to have that feeling of having the same season as last year, putting it together the same or better. At least one point better than last year. That’s pretty much it. Make sure my mind is straight for the season.

Off to a good start

It’s very exciting. We’re putting everything together. Everybody is doing what they’re supposed to do. And we’re having a lot of fun. Our offense, our defense, our pitching. Everything is going well. We’ve got a tremendous group here, it’s going to be something special.

Red Sox, Yankees and Texas coming up

It will be a tough road trip, but we’re going to try and get the best of them. We’re going to go out there and actually just play the way we’ve been playing since the beginning of the season. Don’t back off. Play hard, pitch hard, swing hard. And whatever the results are we’re going to be satisfied because everybody wants to win here.

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