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Hi, everybody. I have to tell you, this has just been fun traveling around with this team. It’s been a lot of laughs along the way and to be here in Anaheim for the second round of this World Baseball Classic just means everything to us and to the people of Mexico. We are trying to prove to everyone that we are really, really doing it and we are going to make that dream happen.

There are a lot of Mexicans here in Southern California and in Arizona, too, and boy, does that help. We love the support so our fans back in Mexico, watching on TV, realize what kind of fans we have in this country. So far it’s been like a packed house, and for us that just makes it wonderful to play.

I know one thing . . . I heard about the Korean fans, with their cheering sections and their thundersticks. So there’s going to be competition on the field and in the stands, which means the team with the best fans wins. I like a lot of people in the stadium; I like the atmosphere it brings.

People have been asking me if I was shocked that we are seeded over the U.S. in this round. I wasn’t shocked at all. We played hard — it just came down to the combinations with the U.S. and Canada — because I guess we were all tied up. We just played hard, tried to score a lot of runs and our pitching really held up — they didn’t allow too many runs and that got us into first place. We didn’t expect this, but playing hard paid off for us.

JoeI got a call today from my other manager, Joe Maddon, who wanted to know how I was doing, what was going on and what the scenarios are — which is good — I know they are supporting me in Tampa Bay. I think Joe knows that we are facing great pitching here in the tournament from the teams that we have played and that I’m handling it pretty well — especially after the Canada game. I felt like I was ready for the regular season and that’s how you want to feel.

My teammates and I feel like we are in mid-season form right now and we have a great team in the Major Leagues. Everybody is feeling confident and going out there to prove themselves. We really are the dream team from Mexico and we are going to play like that.

I’ll let you know how we did against Korea.


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    No saben el orgullo y gusto que me da ver estos partidos y recordar lo hermoso que es el jugar beisbol con alegria tanto como en el campo como haciendo porras en las butacas de los estadios… lo emocionante que es ver esos uniformes con Mexico en el pecho y el buen nombre que le han dado a un deporte que es ignorado a menudo en nuestro pais a pesar de el potencial y pasion que existe por el… No me alcanzan las palabaras para mostrar la emocion que me da ver el corazon y empeņo que muestran en cada partido, estare listo con mi trompeta y matracas apoyandolos desde chicago illinois… Un saludo a todos especialemte a la ciudad de de mexico y a la liga de beisbol lindavista


    Me da mucho gusto saber que nuestros jugadores portan Mexico en el pecho con orgullo y luchan para ganarle a grandes equipos que dudan de la capacidad beisbolera de mexico y muchas veces nos subestiman. Vamos a demostrar de que estamos hechos los mexicanos y a ganar el WBC!!!
    …Saludos desde Madrid al DF y sobre todo a la liga Olmeca(la mejor!!!)


    Jorge – all Devil Rays fans are supporting you. Good luck tonight and we will all be watching and rooting for ya!


    Jorge, as a Mexican-American, and a baseball fanatic, my heart has been filled with passion over the World Baseball Classic. This is a tournament that has been long overdue. I have been wearing my Mexican baseball cap proudly, and I can’t tell you how proud I am to see Mexico playing for pride on a national level. I have been following Mexico very closely, and will be rooting for you tonight when you take the field to face South Korea. Todo la cummunidad Mexicana en Chicago les desea buena suerte. Tambien estamos junto con tigo y con todo el equipo Mexicano. Go get them Jorge !!! Viva Mexico !


    -Jorge- i stayed up all night to watch the game vs. Korea… i would just like to say that you tried your best and you know you win some you lose some!! ❤ megan future mrs.cantu


    jorge, verlos jugar con la franela de mexico es en verdad emocionante. incluso mi novia que no sabe absolutamente nada de baseball se emociona y gracias a ustedes ahora me pregunta. dice que es la fan #1 de loaiza y tuya (vimos el partido de canada juntos). sigan jugando con el corazon, y relajen un poco mas el bat. Dile a todos que mexico los apoya, pase lo que pase, y que se diviertan, asi empezaron jugando de chicos. Solo te pongo unas lineas de un libro de Dr. Seuss.
    Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!

    There are points to be scored. there are games to be won.

    And the magical things you can do with that ball

    will make you the winning-est winner of all.

    Fame! You’ll be famous as famous can be,

    with the whole wide world watching you win on TV.

    -carlos mendez


    Hola, my name is Jorge Borunda, and watching you guys play representing Mexico brings memories back when i used to play in chihuahua, mexico, with all fans chanting (porras) and matracas, having a party in the stands is the best way to show the world how baseball is really played. Also, i played in the USA, where i resided, and it’s not the same, no passion, no flavor…Mexicans and all the latinos bring baseball to another level, good luck tocayo and i hope u guys can make it to the next round, ive enjoyed watching u play, and what u’ve done so far is incredible, keep hitting those fastballs. Jorge Borunda, Yakima, Washington


    Hola!quiero felicitarlos, no solo yo sino toda mi familia estamos muy orgullosos de ustedes y decirles que estan haciendo un estupendo trabajo, y que mas que verlos ganar nos gusta verlos jugar con el corazon y poner el nombre de mexico en alto, felicidades y echenle muchas ganas, saludos de cd juarez,chih y que Dios los bendiga!


    Jorge, I must say the game against Korea was a tough one to watch. However, this tournament is far from being over. All I want to say is good luck against Japan. I will be following closely on the internet proudly wearing my Mexican baseball cap. My heart is with all of you. Si Se Puede !!! Jaime en Chicago

  10. pochtecatl@cox.nt

    Jorge, gracias a ti y a todos por sacar la cara por Mexico. A hecharle ganas contra Japon y Estados Unidos: SI SE PUEDE!!!!


    Jorge, you guys should hold your heads up high for representing Mexico in this wonderful tournament. Thank you also for making it special for all the Mexican fans out there. I hope to see team Mexico back here in three years ready to take the classic. I can’t tell you how proud I was to see team Mexico playing in a baseball tournament. I will be rooting for you and for all of team Mexico on Thursday when you face the USA. I hope you defeat the Americans so that they can see the power and strength of Mexican baseball. Good luck. Show the Americans on Thursday that Mexico is a dangerous team that shall return hungry. James


    Hi Jorge!

    Sending you and your team best wishes! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and think it’s great you are interacting with your fans this way.

    Not sure if you remember me (Izabella’s grandmother…Durham…2004 :))

    Best of luck to you!

    Angela Betts


    Hi, Jorge,
    I also want to congratulate you on your blog. It’s a great way to endear yourself to your fans, of which I am one. Have fun playing in the World Tournament but we’re really waiting for you to come back to the Trop and play the game the way it’s meant to be played, with a new manager who seems like the real deal. Can’t wait.


    Hi Jorge!
    First off i want to say that i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!

    I have been since you started playing for the devil rays!

    At the last game last season, you through me your hat and then signed it in the parking lot! It has been my good luck charm ever since, and i wear it to almost ever game i go to! Me and my parents try to go to one game every homestand if not more. I absolutly LOVE watching you play! And i am soooo glad that your foot is feeling better! I am coming to the games this weekend against the yankees but i am also coming on July 25 which happens to be my birthday! I would be so happy if you would hit me a homerun! Thank you for keeping me sooo into baseball!!!!! Good Luck for games to come!!!!!!!



    Jorge Cantu,

    Great homerun the other day against the Yankees. I run a website all about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I am a very positive fan, so I always right articles that are positive about the Rays. If you would like to visit my site the address is:

    Could you put this under your links section, so that more Rays fans will know about the sight.

    I look forward to seeing at the next homestand. Good luck on the road.

    Thanks for everything you do.

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