Sometimes you just get that thing at a ballpark where you don’t feel comfortable, and I think that was the case over the weekend at Citizens Bank Park. It’s going to haunt you a little bit then probably the second time around you’ll come around a little bit. The whole weekend I didn’t feel great.

Still, it’s very exciting to have the lineup back like this. It was supposed to be like this since Opening Day — which is when I was lunging for the ball in that AP picture above. Everybody is excited and wants to keep this thing going. To just build this winning atmosphere around us.

I feel like we are on the brink of really becoming a winning team, and I feel that way when one gets it started. Julio Lugo gets on and the rest of the team follows. I’m just so glad to be a part of it right now and not to have any more injuries.

Naturally, I am following Team Mexico in the World Cup. We lost today, but we’re still in the second round. We’re going against Argentina and the Netherlands.

To my fans, just a big hello. I’m reading everything and I’ll try to write back when I have time.

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  1. Felix

    Im a diehard Yanks fan, But you are something else! I started believing it when I saw you hit your first HR at Yankee Stadium, I kept saying to myself” THIS KID CAN HIT!!!”. You guys are better than your record indicates, and hopefully you guys get on a roll(except against us, of course!) Dude, I wanted Mexico to win so bad, my buddy at work is Mexican and he has taken up for Ecuador, so I have done the same with Mexico! Argentina is going to be a rough game! May the best team win, keep up the good work, see you when you come to The Bronx, and check me out at



    Hola Jorge.

    I’m glad to see you playing really great since your return from DL. I know that you’re going to lead your team to a better spot at the end of the season. I’m a mexican too, so I’m following our “Seleccion” in the World Cup, and I’m sure we’re going to do a better job against Argentina.

    Go Mexico!!!


    Jorge- You are on my fantasy team and you are the man! I am a Tigers fan, but have a great year down there.


    Darn good outing today vs. the DB, 3 for 4…man Im so glad you are on my fantasy team. You ‘CANTU’ it Jorge…….And you are still my boy Cantu….keep swingin’ playa!


    Hola Jorge, glad to see you back playing. It’s good to see a Sharyland player doing so well!! I’m following you along with Jaime Garcia. Good Luck!


    Jorge- First off i wanted to tell you how much i enjoy watching you and how far i think you will go in the Majors, you truly are a natural talent.I look forward to watching you for many years to come, even though i’m a Tribe fan, i still gotta little somethin for those Rays. Hopefully i’ll hear from ya! Good luck on everything!


    Hi Jorge! I am Mexican-American and was so proud to watch you and the others on team Mexico during the WBC. Ever since the tournament I have followed your games closely. You are a very special player and it’s a joy to watch you. I hope the rest of your season goes well. Good luck!


    Jorge, you are one of the best players in this great game to watch. I am a huge D-RAY fan, and you are by far my favorite player. I first really acknowledged your skills while watching the WBC. As you know, you were awesome. I gathered up my money and bought your team Mexico jersey, and I wear it to all the Rays games. Sorry to hear about Mexico’s world cup loss. There’s always 2010! Your ability, inspiration, and love for the game is a gigantic inspiration to me. Hopefully we will share the field one day… Keep up the GREAT work, diving plays, game winning doubles, and the blogs! Good Luck Jorge!
    – Pete


    Wats up Jorge!!

    Just want to stop and say that It ***** that Mexico lost in the World Cup. Im Mexican-American and both my teams lost. It OK though Mexico play good.We’ll see in 2010 maybe they will win it. Anyways hopefully u keep up the good playing because U r one of my favortie players in the MLB. Lead the young Rays man, And nice diving play I was seeing the game.

    Luis from Anaheim, CA


    Jorge! I’m a fantasy baseball player and a big fan of yours. I have an interesting bit of info that might help you at the plate. Last year, you were playing defensively at both second and third base. However, this year, you’re playing solely at second base. I checked the devil rays website and you’re not even on the depth chart for third anymore! This concerns me deeply because last season (2005) I noticed that you hit more home runs when starting at third base than you would when starting at second base. It might be a mere coincidence, but sure enough, you’d get a lot more pop in your bat every time you manned the hot corner in 2005. I hope you will continue to succeed in the MLB, good luck at either defensive position.


    Que onda Jorge!!

    Aqu saludandote desde Reynosa, te seguimos dia a dia en buena suerte y muy buena salud.

    Siguele echando ganas como siempre.

    p.d. aguas con las gueras!!

    atte. el chapulin.


    Jorge, I am your biggest fan!!! i absolutly love watching you play baseball! you are my favorite player ever!!!!!!!! I am so in love with you and i am glad that you are better with your foot! At the very last game last year you through me your hat and signed it in the parking lot after the game! I hope your foot is feeling 100% better! See you at your next home stand!


    Jorge, you’re awesome and I’m glad you’re picking up where you left off right before the injury. You and Carl Crawford are helping to carry my fantasy team – keep up the good work and have a great season!


    hey Jorge

    NOW I definatly know it HURTS LIKE THE DICKINS to take a line drive off the thigh. I remembered what Toby told me “do not rub it and Girls better not cry infront of the boys!” I did not rub – I did not cry, but I used the Spanish curse I picked up from you all and he dugout was more shocked that I was not crying! 🙂 The remark That is gonna leave a mark was an understatement. You KNOW I am closer to the action in teh Minors than they will ever let me get in the Majors. OUCH! I did take Toby’s advice no tears till I was well away – I am gonna miss Mr. Hall!

    Take care of you! See You!

    Sammi in WV


    hey Jorge

    NOW I definatly know it HURTS LIKE THE DICKINS to take a line drive off the thigh. I remembered what Toby told me “do not rub it and Girls better not cry infront of the boys!” I did not rub – I did not cry, but I used the Spanish curse I picked up from you all and the dugout was more shocked that I was not crying when that came out of my mouth! 🙂 The remark “That is gonna leave a mark” was an understatement. You KNOW I am closer to the action in the Minors than they will ever let me get in the Majors. OUCH! I did take Toby’s advice, no tears till I was well away from teh PUPS – I am gonna miss Mr. Hall!

    Take care of you! See You Later!

    Sammi in WV with the basement pups


    Que onda con el blog? Don’t you enjoy us writing to you?

    Dime la verdad no nos quieres verdad? Just kidding…

    I been not only watching you but most of the WBC members and there are some that are just kickin nalgas.. Que padre!

    Cuando vas a contestar preguntas? You should have a section where you answer question in Spanish/English for all your fans on this blog.

    Hey I collect bobbleheads and I wanted to know has Tampa made one of you yet?

    I can’t wait till you come to Oakland again. Last time I got some good seats but you were on DL so I didn’t get a chance to meet you. Lo bueno es que vienen otra vez and I am going to get the best tixs possible so I can get a autograph and photo..

    Last year before I met Erubiel Durazo and got an autograph.He seemed shy to me. I miss not having him in Oakland. This year at Fanfest I got the chance to speak with Esteban and he was the coolest. Platicamos de Los Tomateros de Culiacan y WBC. Also I asked him about Erubiel since I been following him since he was with the Diamondbacks. A perfect gentleman!!!

    Si tienes la oportunidad de hablar con Oliver Perez dile que no se deje y tiene mucho por delante como lanzador.

    Bueno Sr. Cantu siga ud adelante y mucha suerte.

    Oh and try not to shave I like the rough look,,,,

    Muchos saludos desde Oakland,Califas..



    hi jorge como estas??? i been seeing ur games and im really glad that ur playing so good, im a big fan of u and i went to see u in the WBC but didnt get luck i didnt talk u but i hope go there next month and have luck this time… so cuidate mucho y sigue jugando bien tu sabes como hacerlo te sale natural. te saluda tu fan#1 de cd. juarez.

    pd. escribeme algun dia para ke me alegres la vida!!!!


    Hey Jorge,
    Reading your blog gives me hope for a bright, new generation of young, talented ballplayers who have a big heart.

    P.S. You would look good playing for the White Sox. Come to ChiTown, please!

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