Back into the flow and watching Mexico

Roccobaldelli_1Posted courtesy of as we start this Tigers series.

I returned to the lineup since my last post, and things are coming along. My swing is coming along. I’m just another bat in the lineup. Rocco is back, too. Now that we’ve got the lineup back together, I think we’re going to keep producing just like we did in Kansas City. I’m just so happy to be back. And I think we’re going to keep finding a way to win.

It’s good that everything seems to be coming together on the team. Our pitching has been tremendous lately. And the best part is, everybody is having fun. If we keep doing that we’re going to win a lot of games.

I also have to say something about Mexico winning its first World Cup game on Sunday, since I spent so much time here blogging about playing for Mexico during our run at the World Baseball Classic. I’m pulling for them every day. Yesterday, everyone saw me celebrating the first goal. I stretched that day and then saw the end of the game. Mexico’s next game is Friday against Angola.

Anyway, so far so good, and hopefully my fans will keep writing.

Here are a couple of AP photos below worth mentioning. The first one is me meeting our new first-round Draft pick, Evan Longoria.


The photo below is me breaking a bat. That was in the ninth inning on Saturday, and even though I’m only holding a bat handle, the ball made it to left field for my fourth hit that day.




    Jorge, you are on fire! Ten hits in the first six games back by my count. I don’t think anyone can write off that DRays lineup now that you and Rocco are healthy and hitting like mad men. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  2. John


    Congratulations on the Home Run last night, and on the great hitting since you came back.

    Its great to see you, and all the rest of the Rays finally healthy and playing together.

    Its all looking good for Tampa Bay!



    I am so glad you are back. I am in Ann Arbor, MI working and will be at the game tomorrow. I want you guys to “sting” those Tigers! Pleeeeeezzzz. I love watching all of you and hope to see Aubrey back up to par soon.


    GREAT hit tonight Jorge!!! Game winner in the 12th! THAT’S what I love to see! Welcome back.

  5. Robert

    I will cheer for Mexico, but Italy is the team to watch.. Its good to have you back.. i think the team was missing that clutch at bat and Mexican Flare..


    Great to see you back! for the Rays and for my fantasy team! DON’T LET CARL CRAWFORD GO! That would be completely moronic!! The Rays must enjoy being in last every year to even think about getting rid of him! If he goes I would demand a trade yourself! Good Luck!


    Yo Jorge, your the man.

    You are the best second baseman in the league. Also you have been on fire since your return. Let me recap your return. Game winning bases loaded double. A couple Homers. A four hit game. COngrats keep it up. With rocco back you are a major runner in the playoffs. Ur team is stacked. U, Gomes, Aubrey, Crawford, Lugo, Kazmir


    This is Luis from Anaheim , CA. Just wanted to say that ur my favortie player in the Majors. Hopefully u could say health and keep on representing Mexico to the fullest man! Maybe when Tampa plays the Angels Ill go watch u play. I too love to watch Mexico play, I like MArquez and Blanco but he didnt go to the World Cup but thats OK I guess. They play Angola tomorrow And Ill be cheering for Mexico.


    Mi esposa, mis hijos y yo estamos contando los días para estar en el Tropicana Field. Como ya te he dicho, estaremos ahí, Dios mediante, para los tres juegos de la serie contra los Yankees del 7 al 9 de Julio. Va a ser inolvidable para nosotros estar ahí y verte jugar. Te siguen poniendo el Son de la Negra cada vez que pasas a batear?

    Quería comentarte esto: Para el juego del Domingo 9 mis tickets están cerca del dogout de los Yankees. Cuánto tiempo antes del juego me aconsejarías llegar para poder pedir autógrafos de ustedes y de los Yankees?

    Mucha suerte Jorge, y sigue siendo un orgullo para todos nosotros!!!!!!


    wut up jorge? This is Ryan i used to live in mission and my mom taught u in high school. but n e wayz i just wanna let u know ur doin incredible and ive been followin u every game so keep up the good work and i live in dallas now so ill be here when yall play the rangers. Keep it up playa.


    Hey whats up Jorge. I am cheering for Mexico in the world cup. The D Rays also. I like Joe Madden as a manager how about you? He is an ex angel staff memeber thats probably why. Nice to see you guys win. Your numbers are incredible. You are a true baseball player that grinds it out. Good job with your success and hopefully you get more and more recognition around the league. I know in fantasy baseball land people love you. I like the way you play the game ever since I seen you on the WBC I been rooting for you. Arriba Mexico.
    Peace and keep up the good work.

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