July 2006

Grateful for Family


I just hosted my family here for the past couple of weeks and we had a great time. Who all was here? My Mom, my Dad, my two brothers, my Dad’s cousin from Monterey. My uncle, my aunt, their four kids, another cousin of my Dad’s with their four kids, my grandfather’s sister was here, the only sister left. She was here and I was so happy she was here. All together there was about 25 people.

Some stayed at the Don Cesar hotel and some of them went to Orlando.

Having them around really means a lot. Particularly during tough times, a tough streak. When you’ve got all kind of things in your head. When you leave the stadium and you see your family, personally, me, my mind just changes when I get home. I don’t take baseball home with me.

WithcarlcrawfordSo every day while I was in that slump, I’d come to the field not even thinking about how bad I was doing. I’m just ready to play that day. Whatever happens, happens. When I went 0-for-4, I see my family, I come back and I’m a different person, I’m not upset, I’m not mad. I felt like I know I gave my best.

Over the All-Star break I didn’t have to go to Mexico. Mexico was here with me in Tampa.

I had a great time and they get to see how great the team is doing and how well I’m doing, even though I’m down a little bit right now. I had their support. It just can’t get any better than that.

And of course I got some home cooking. Every morning, I had my eggs. A Mexican dish where dried meat is mixed in with scrambled eggs and a lot of salsa. That’s a lot of love from my Mom. Every morning, my Mom would drive to my appartment and then go back to the Don Cesar.

And my Dad, he’s the kind of person, he doesn’t care where he is, he just wanted to spend time with me and I truly appreciate that. He’d spend the night at my place and we’d talk and talk and talk. And that’s why he’s a big part of it. He always gets me in the right direction. In the right spot. Every step of the way he’s always been there and I’m so grateful for that.

This is posted before gametime on Jorge’s behalf by MLB.com.