A great experience

Photos by Ben Platt / MLB.com

Hi everyone, it’s been a couple of days and during that time we played two
games against the two Asian teams — Korea and Japan — and they are very tough
teams. They have great pitching and they shut us down for those two games —
there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s baseball. To me those games are in the
past; I’m glad we played them. We now know how good they are on a baseball field
and that’s something to remember for the future. We’re going to play the
Americans this afternoon and we’ll keep our chin up and play with pride. It was
nice having a day off yesterday. You know what I did? Nothing, absolutely
nothing. I pretty much stayed in my hotel room, did a little shopping with my
dad and just rested — no trips to Disneyland — just hung out and talked to
some friends. I needed the break.

There’s a lot of things I’ve been taking in during this tournament and one
memory I’ll always have with me is that I was on the same team as Fernando
. If you are Mexican you know who Fernando is (photo below) and I am so honored that
he’s been here with us. He has brought his incredible experience to this team
and we all want to be like him in the future. Vinny Castilla is that way in the
eyes of Mexico and the younger players on this team. He’s the power hitter. I
just go step-by-step, living day-by-day and hopefully people will one day look
up to me the way they do to those two great players.

I’m a little surprised this tournament has caught on as quickly as it has
with the fans. It’s been such a fast turnaround from its creation to us actually
playing. This is the right time of the year to play it. If we did this after the
season I think a lot of people would be fatigued from a long season. It’s been
great. I’m getting my work in and I’m getting ready for the season at the same
time we’re playing some good baseball with the Mexican team.

It’s been great just being a part of this first tournament. I gotta go and
get ready for our game today. I’ll have a few more thoughts later on.



  1. tspeavy@earthlink.net

    Jorge…I just finished watching the Mexico/USA game online and I wanted to say congrats to you for helping your team win tonight! I am a HUGE Devil Rays fan and am a big fan of yours, so I am very proud that you have represented not only your country, but also the Rays so well in this tournament. I think I speak for all Rays fans in saying that we are looking forward to you getting back here with the team and seeing where this season heads. I’m hoping for wonderful things for you and all of the Rays this year…Good Luck and Make us Proud!

    🙂 Tara

  2. gordonwfellows@gmail.com

    Jorge, I was cheering hard for Team USA, but you deserve some praise for your performance tonight. Maybe in 2009 you’ll play for the USA?

  3. Cyn

    I’m sad team USA is out of it, but Jorge, congratulations to you and team Mexico – it was a great win and you were wonderful in the game!

  4. agni77@hanmail.net

    hey, great game today. man, we were rooting for you in korea after that bogus call. i’m just dying to know what you thought about the Korean team when you played, as we don’t get much feedback from Mexico (we get a lot of reax from Japan, hah)

  5. prosocc23@aol.com

    Jorge, I wish to congratulate you and team Mexico for for a job well done in this tournament. Most especially on your historic victory over team USA. I can’t tell you how proud I was that night to be of Mexican descent. I believe team Mexico really made a statement that night. I am proud of you and team Mexico, and I hope that you decide again to play for Mexico in three years. Good luck Jorge on your career. Bye the way, I am a die hard Chicago Cubs fan. Any chances of you coming to play for us ? Viva Mexico !!!! James

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